WebScout® Cares: Growing Beards—A Masculine Stance for a Women’s Cause

WebScout® Cares, founded in December 2012 by WebScout® CEO Laura Greeno, is a program that devotes online marketing time, resources, and talents to local non-profit organizations that help women overcome difficulties of exploitation, violence, and poverty. One organization takes a unique stance on supporting women in the fight against domestic violence. It started with a beard growing contest. 

Beards BeCAUSE:

Beards BeCAUSE

When it comes to sexual and violent abuse against women, men are typically seen on the defensive end. Beards BeCAUSE turns the tables. It started in 2007 with a beard-growing contest. The founders, Jared Yerg and Scott Doerr, decided that their hairy competitions made all in good fun should support a cause, so they started by raising money for the United Family Services’ Shelter for Battered Women of Charlotte.

With 36 men growing beards, they raised $22,000 for the shelter. Thus, Beards BeCAUSE was born.

Beards BeCAUSE has since spanned across the nation, raising awareness and money for victims of domestic violence. But it all started here in Charlotte.

For Greeno, domestic violence is also close to home. Both her and at least two of her sisters have suffered from abusive relationships in some way. A very sad ending to an abusive instance for her oldest sister involves the estranged boyfriend shooting her in the back as she tried to escape, intending to kill her. Greeno’s sister is now a paraplegic, reminding her and her family daily how domestic violence can change our lives and potentially take our loved ones from us in an instant.

Growing beards for a feminine cause reminds us that the fight against domestic violence must be combated on both fronts. Men taking a stand to support women is just as important as women standing up for themselves.

Greeno’s family suffered from domestic violence in a way that has impacted them forever. Greeno donates to this organization because she knows that this cause cannot only be fought by women for women; everyone must take a stand against issues of domestic violence.

Greeno wanted to thank a fellow marketer and entrepreneur Wendy Shanahan with Asterisk Creative for introducing her to this cause. Wendy has been instrumental in raising awareness and funding to support this organization nearly since its inception. Thanks Wendy!