WebScout® Cares: Putting an End to Human Trafficking in North Carolina

WebScout® Cares, founded in December 2012 by WebScout® CEO Laura Greeno, is a program that devotes online marketing time, resources, and talents to local non-profit organizations that help women overcome difficulties of exploitation, violence, and poverty. These last few weeks, we’ve covered three non-profit organizations that are helping women find success and happiness in their personal and professional lives. This week, we are taking a look at a non-profit that combats one of the biggest global and national issues of today — human trafficking.

NC Stop Human TraffickingNC Stop Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is typically thought of as an issue that inhabits foreign countries. This organization fights to stop human trafficking in our own home, North Carolina.

Using the Preventing, Advocacy, Victim Services, and Education Awareness (PAVE) method, this non-profit seeks to put an end to sex slavery and other types of human slavery in North Carolina. There are active NC Stop HT member groups all over the state, and they work to raise awareness and provide tools for the prevention of human trafficking.

For Greeno, this cause is especially close to her heart. Having seen and experienced first hand the cruelty and manipulation that so many people (especially women) are subjected to, she speaks out against human trafficking.

Before fleeing to San Jose, CA, Greeno was subjected to sexual exploitation and abuse in a similar fashion. She knows first hand the manipulative techniques used to take advantage of people, and she understands that human trafficking manifests in many different forms. Most importantly, she understands that it can happen to anyone…your daughter, your little brother, your friend.

Greeno was fortunate enough to escape from her situation, but so many others can’t. It’s nearly impossible to do it alone, without help. That’s why it is so important to raise awareness right here in NC, and funding, for the all too present issues facing young women, young men, people from other cultures who have crossed the border for a better life – only to be enslaved by others – tormented by fear – these people are here in our very own neighborhoods. Be vigilant, pay attention! Don’t be a part of another Cleveland, Ohio scenario where 3 teenage girls were enslaved by one man for so many years…in a regular house, in a regular neighborhood, where the homes were just feet from each other. Learn the signs of human trafficking today.

WebScout® Cares: Raising Awareness for Women in the Online Marketing World

WebScout<sup>®</sup> Cares

Domestic violence, human trafficking, and poverty are issues that span across the globe. We often think of these issues as foreign, far away from our us.

But abuse and violence often happen close to home, right under our noses where they can be hardest to see.

These cultural problems affect people of all ages, races, and genders, but there are certain violent crimes and societal restraints that affect women deeper than wounds on the skin. Poverty and violence can break us down, defeat us to a place beyond repair.

That’s why Laura Greeno, CEO of WebScout® Marketing, founded WebScout® Cares in December of 2012. It’s a program that devotes time, financial resources, and online marketing talents to local non-profit organizations that help women overcome difficulties of exploitation, violence, and poverty.

Greeno’s dedication to this cause is deeper than what meets the eye. She is a successful businesswoman. She greets with smiles and speaks with confidence. But she has been there—the place where hurt and defeat take over hope. Greeno understands that we all must help one another overcome the difficulties that are all too prevalent in our world.

Over the next several weeks, we will take a look at how these organizations are taking a stand for women, and why WebScout® Cares prioritizes devoting our services and profits to support these foundations. Here are the organizations we will be exploring this month:

Circle de Luz: An organization dedicated to helping young Latina women take control of their own lives through mentoring programs. WebScout® invests financial resources and time to help these girls and young women graduate high school with confidence and stability.

Dress For Success: This organization accepts donations of women’s business clothing and passes them on to women who cannot afford a professional wardrobe. Find out why this organization is close to WebScout® CEO Laura Greeno’s heart.

NC Stop Human Trafficking: Using the Preventing, Advocacy, Victim Services, and Education Awareness (PAVE) method, this non-profit seeks to put an end to sex slavery and other types of human slavery in North Carolina. Sometimes, the most heinous crimes occur right in front of us, and WebScout® Cares is determined to help put an end to these crimes.

Hope House Foundation: The Hope House Foundation offers a safe haven, a home for women who have nowhere else to turn. Greeno’s special connection to this organization comes from personal experience. Learn more about her connection to this unique organization for women.

Beards BeCAUSE: When it comes to domestic violence, men are often seen as the abusers. This organization proves that men can also take a stand alongside women in the fight against domestic violence. Find out how a simple beard-growing contest turned into something much more important for women.

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes: Raising awareness for sexual violence against women in a unique way, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes organizes events where men walk one mile in women’s high-heeled shoes. The events aims to include men in the fight against sexual violence, as well as give people a way to openly discuss this very difficult issue.

A.W. Tozer once said, “It is doubtful whether God can use a man greatly until he has hurt him deeply.” Greeno has survived the place from which so many women cannot escape. She uses her experiences to help others, donating a variety of talents, funds, and other resources to these non-profits and others.

While Greeno may also provide web marketing services, SEO tactics, website conversion design, blogging, social media marketing, and other public relation services to some of these organizations, what she gets in return is something far beyond the world of online marketing.

“These organizations’ missions all have very personal connections to me,” she said. After unveiling her life experiences and her personal bonds with each of these causes, we can begin to understand the passion with which Greeno devotes herself to these organizations.

Greeno hopes to raise awareness for young women who have been through some of the difficult circumstances she has also gone through.