WebScout® Cares: Dressing for Success is Half the Battle

WebScout® Cares, founded in December 2012 by WebScout® CEO Laura Greeno, is a program that devotes online marketing time, resources, and talents to local non-profit organizations that help women overcome difficulties of exploitation, violence, and poverty. Last week we covered Circle de Luz, a non-profit that supports young Latina women through an educational mentoring program. This week, we will explore an organization that has a knack for high-quality, hand me down fashions for women who are scheduled for job interviews, but may not have the means to obtain that professional image necessary to help them actually secure the position…and dress for their first week at work.

Dress For Success

Dress for Success

In order for women to have the confidence to take on the world, they have to dress for success. Dress For Success Charlotte (DFS Charlotte) accepts women’s hand me down dress clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories which are then donated to the women who are working hard to become financially independent. I will tell you, these items are not just thrown into a pile and “donated” – these women are treated to a very special boutique experience, including a professional fitting and style session. Many times they are also given a mini-makeover to help them present their best selves during their upcoming interview(s). Resume help and professional career coaching are also available – for free!

For Greeno, the memory of one mauve colored suit and a pair of $30 flats inspired her to donate to Dress for Success.

When she was 19, Greeno fled a situation of exploitation and abuse, and ended up in San Jose, CA. Without transportation, food, or a job — let alone proper interviewing attire — she spent her last $30 on a pair of flats to wear as she scoped out the downtown area for potential jobs, walking into businesses and simply asking around until she found someone willing to give her a chance. She talked her way into a front desk job at the Holiday Inn Park Center Plaza, and wore those same shoes with a polyester mauve suit every day to work for the next year.

“I wore those shoes until they had holes in the bottom,” she said.

Now that Greeno owns her own company and dons business attire every morning, she donates money and time to this organization. As an ambassador to the organization, she collects donations and raises awareness about the Dress for Success cause.

“My absolute favorite thing was a ‘what not to wear’ type speech that I gave to the female students at Garinger [High School], teaching them how to dress for interviews,” Greeno said.

WebScout® Cares supports Dress For Success in Charlotte, NC because we understand that a professional wardrobe often comes at too high a price. By donating hand me downs to this organization, you may be giving another woman the opportunity to land the job interview she needs to support herself. Greeno understands what it’s like to be without the clothes to look the part, and she donates time as an ambassador so that she can spread the word about Dress For Success.

If you have barely-used business clothing sitting in your closet, donate it to Dress for Success. You could be helping a woman to be financially independent, potentially helping her take care of an entire family, and likely teaching her children to do the same.

WebScout® Cares: Supporting Young Latinas in their Educational Endeavors

WebScout® Cares, founded in December 2012 by WebScout® CEO Laura Greeno, is a program that devotes time, financial resources, and online marketing talents to local non-profit organizations that help women overcome difficulties of exploitation, violence, and poverty. This month we are exploring the organizations that WebScout® Cares supports. Greeno donates her time and resources to this particular organization for many reasons. She believes that young women deserve to have fulfilled professional lives, and that they often need mentors and big sister figures to help lead the way. Her involvement in Circle de Luz is just one example of how Greeno believes mentoring a young girl can make the difference between graduating high school, and getting left behind.

Circle de Luz

Circle de Luz

This organization is dedicated to helping young Latina women take control of their own lives through mentoring and a unique set of course studies. Circle de Luz offers extra curricular courses to these young women from middle school all the way up through high school graduation. These courses are designed to teach them how to care for themselves and make the right choices when it comes to reaching wholeness and success. Circle de Luz lists these unfortunate statistics on their website:

51% of Latinas get pregnant before the age of 20.
13% obtain a college degree.
44% do not graduate high school.

Studies show that having a big sister figure, or an adult mentor, can help a young person stay in school and graduate.

Mentors can also help when it comes to bigger issues, like making the right decisions and using sound judgment when making life choices.

That’s why Circle de Luz offers a program that pairs each young Latina women with a mentor. Mentors are responsible for helping these young students receive an holistic education, and have the opportunity to reach their goals after high school.

Upon graduating, each young woman in the Circle de Luz program receives a $5,000 scholarship to put toward the next step in her life, be it education or life in the workforce. WebScout® Cares supports Circle de Luz because we believe that every woman deserves the chance to be successful, not only academically but also in terms of well being.

Greeno is currently a M’ija for this organization. M’ijas, or “girlfriends,” invest money and volunteer time to Circle de Luz. The money they invest goes toward the $5,000 that each high school graduate in the program receives.

The struggles that young Latina women face every day are unique and often insurmountable without the help of a mentor or a proper educational program. These women need the attention of our community, and WebScout® Cares believes this cause is worth fighting for.

Is Your Target Market Small Enough to Go BIG?

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online market planning

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The What

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